Deek Mangoothe (aramchek) wrote,
Deek Mangoothe

newfangled yummy relief suit proposal

the genome, which elicits so much genuflection from our scientific community insists that we are 98% (+?)primate. should it come as such a surprise then, that we feel emotions like rage?
every human, at some point in their life ¤ likely more than once ¤ has experienced anger at such an intensity that all efforts to maintain civilized behavior were rendered useless and inapplicable. someone experiencing this state could be said to be acting like an animal. this is true. we are, after all, animals.strange ones at that. ever get the feeling we don't belong here? anyway, every human has ammassed an intense unconscious denial of the basic fact that we ARE animals. we try to supress such behavior lest we lose face or social standing.
rage is natural. holding it in makes people crazy, causes illness and eventually death. i've seen too many examples.
fuck you.
what is needed is a way for us to feel this rage to it's fullest, to have white-hot blazing tantrums in an environment that is socially, emotionally, psychologically and physically safe.
my proposal is to design a suit you can slip into when the anger is mounting and a state of temporary psychosis is emmiinent rage on the way! a padded cover-all, with a helmet and rubber crossbar to bite down on.
with this suit it will be possible to have tantrums of unthinkable violence and intensity WITHOUT HURTING ANYONE. what fun!
locals must undergo an intensive security background check. other things include techniques to develop limitless somatic memory access. this abolishes any need for drugs. it's done with an energy blast from a smartie.
the clinician and i are co-dependants. my regular visits have got to be the impetus of his practice, not to mention a large chunk of his income. my reward is a continued immunity to boredom. so long as i don't screw up. i always screw up.
i need smurf up some cleans. i'm getting tired of hunting down the ruby thunderhead with dull points caked in blood and rust. i found a bathroom scale in the neighbor's garbadge. it's been awhile since i've known my weight, a massive 135£. i should add that'm 6 foot 3. hey baby, wanna feel my ribs?

i have the most beautiful wallpaper
three guesses........

i lift my kite up this way
without your words as the mainstay
only so many hands to hold hands
snail's slime trails
splatter the sails and
rip open spans of life where it lands.

nobody speaks twice until everyone has spoken once. as applies to unspoken soup kitchen ettiquite.
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