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aramchek's Journal

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Deek Mangoothe
6 November
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a haphazard conglomeration of accidents. heavy imprinting on conceptual and non-local circuits. currently under the thumb of internal malfunctions
and trying to wriggle out by writing.
abandoned buildings, activism, adbusters, alchemy, anarchy, androgyny, animals, anthropology, architecture, art, astral projection, astronomy, attraction, austin, beauty, better living through chemistry, boys, britcoms, bryce, chaos, chemical enlightenment, chemistry, chronic pain, cloning, college radio, compassion, crispin glover, crushes, cuddling, curves, dark matter, darkness, david bohm, death, dolphins, dreams, ethnobotany, etymology, girls, guerilla ontology, hands, heartache, heroin, hip bones, hunger artistry, ibogaine, independant music, infatuation, insanity, insomnia, interstitial cystitis, isolation tanks, jazz, june of 44, kafka, ketamine, kissing, laughing, literature, live music, loss, love, lucid dreaming, lust, magik, marijuana, memories, messy hair, minutemen, monsters, morphine, neurology, noise, npr, olympia, pacific northwest, pale skin, parallel processing, pets, pharmaceutical, philip k dick, pin-up girls, poets, prose, psychology, quantum mechanics, r. buckminster fuller, rain, reading, robert anton wilson, rodan, scars, schizophrenia, science fiction, sea, seclusion, self-mutilation, sensory deprivation, shorelines, shyness, sleeping, sociology, solipsism, space colonization, space travel, stars, string theory, suicide, summer, sunshine, superheroes, sweaters, swimming, talk radio, tears, terence mckenna, tful282, the dylan group, the onion, thrift stores, time travel, tomb raider, twilight, vegetarianism, veins, vintage paperbacks, virtual reality, voyeurism, warmth, writing, zines

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