Deek Mangoothe (aramchek) wrote,
Deek Mangoothe

hey frog wake up!

woke up to a weird phone call. it was nico. how the hell did she know where i am? the main point seemed to be the plants she gave me are dying and when am i comming back. i'll be comming back to get my stuff soon. get your stuff? you're running away? yes. i didn't figure my living there was all that important. if it was she'd have broke it off with mr. e. something i couldn't muster the strength to be jealous of. everyone there knows i'm pathetically hung up on this girl in seattle. there may as well be billboards. my decision to stay here isn't set in stone yet. maybe i could still go back. but why? to get strung out again? it's good to be in a place where there's somewhere to walk to. you get more exercize that way, but i'll get into these depressions wherever i go. if only i could straddle the mountains. one foot in each world....
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