Deek Mangoothe (aramchek) wrote,
Deek Mangoothe

one more lost to the law:(

had breakfast with mara's dad this morning before going off to the place. nice guy. teaches economics at spscc. worried father. he said he thought i'd be the one to straighten her up. i felt like laughing. he still thinks i'm clean. i remember countless times pulling into his driveway, "put the long sleeves on!"
i got to see her after him. she looks weird stripped of all her individuality. the only thing thats the same is her hair. looking like a nest built by a drunk bird in a thunderstorm. bad conversation too. nothing of any depth or importance was said excpet "you went back to her didn't you?" i did try my best. we spent the rest of the visit just lightheartedly joking about bisexuality comming in handy in prison. things'll never be the same. not that eash passing moment doesn't render things unchangable, some changes are just more noticable i guess. one less reason to hang on to living in a town that's killing me.
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